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Orc Assault Demoing @ Austin VR Meetup

Ghost Machine will be demoing the DK2 Alpha release of Orc Assault at Austin's VR Meetup on July 7, 2015 starting @ 7PM at North Door. Get the details and map here:

VR Austin is a vibrant community of VR developers in the Austin area. Austin is a melting pot of quality devs including:

  • Owlchemy Labs (Alex Schwartz, CEO,)

  • Unity Austin (Patrick Curry, Director

  • Virtuix Omni (Robert Brackenridge, Developer)

  • Ghost Machine (Neal Nellans, CEO)

  • Unello Design (Aaron Lemke, CEO)

The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is the latest development kit for the Oculus Rift with a low-persistence OLED display and low-latency positional head tracking.

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