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a Virtual shopping experience produced for Walmart for the SXSW tech conference held in Austin, TX. Client goals included presenting a one of a kind surrounding experience where attendees could shop within a Walmart store utilizing modern technology in a unique and intuitive way.

This exclusive demo was shown at Austins SXSW film and media festival. Attendees of the Capital Factorys' penthouse spark lounge could try the experience throughout the festival events

Reimagining Retail

As retailers race to keep up with the convergence of technology, data, and consumer habits, they seek ways to reimagine the shopping experience for their customers.

A customer may not ever realize the staggering amount of technology behind a Walmart store.

To attract customers and dispel the misconception that they’re not as advanced as their digital darling counterparts, brick and mortar establishments are not only accelerating investments in areas like web and mobile – they’re also exploring the very edge of emerging technology. Jason Norris, Emerging Technology Director at Walmart explains,

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