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Motorsport Revolution Demo Launches on Steam VR Today

Today Austin based virtual reality studio, Ghost Machine, announced it's most popular virtual reality racing game, Motorsport Revolution, today releases a free playable VR demo on Steam digital distribution platform. The new demo is described as an immersive car racing action game specifically designed for VR racing in mind. The game action, which can now be seen on the Steam Motorsport Revolution Demo page is an arcade racer that pairs challenging racing with spectacular crashes.

The Steam VR demo release of Motorsport Revolution adds to Steams' growing VR library, which already offers popular virtual reality enabled titles such as Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2. The demo playable in Steam VR mode with the newly released DK2 Oculus Rift Development headset, which can be obtained through the Oculus VRwebsite . The game can also be played in a standard view version of the game for players without the virtual reality headset. When asked CEO of Ghost Machine, Neal Nellans, was enthusiastic about the Steam release. "As more and more people try VR, we want to make sure that they have a chance to try our games. The Steam demo release of Motorsport Revolution allows everyone with a VR headset to try our original VR racer.", states Nellans. Steam is an internet-based digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer, and social networking platform developed by the Valve corporation. As of January 2014, over 3,000 games are available through Steam, which has 75 million active users. In October 2013, it was estimated by screen digest that 75% of all games bought online for the PC are download through Steam. Located in the backlot of the Austin Studios production facility, Ghost Machine VR currently has eight virtual-reality games in production, including Final Burn, which challenges players to pilot a F-16 in a dogfight against an alien invasion reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters. Additional information and updates can be found on the Ghost Machine VR website. For press inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, contact Ghost Machine VR

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