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Orc Assault Alpha Released Today

Today Austin based virtual reality studio, Ghost Machine, has announced the alpha launch of a new VR tower defense game, Orc Assault. The new game, currently in early development, is touted as miniaturized virtual reality tower defense based world and features fully animated Orc, Troll, Ogre and Goblin invaders in 3D environments designed specifically for virtual reality. You can purchase the playable Alpha version of Orc Assault today for Oculus DK2 VR headsets on the Ghost Machine Orc Assault page.!orc-assault/c20vv

THe current alpha contains 2 different play modes. Story mode, where you defend a small village from the oncoming Orc invasion which creeps along various paths in the forrest, and Survival where you enter an ancient dungeon to

defend a pile of treasure in a dynamic playfield.

The project has already been Greenlit for addition on Steam, the official release of the game is slated for Late 2015; an early gameplay video of Orc Assault is included here:

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