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Virtual reality (VR) fans are likely already familiar with the name Ghost Machine, the Austin, Texas-based developer that’s behind a range of titles such as Endless Dead, Final Strike and Motorsport Revolution. The studio has been a keen supporter of Valve and HTC’s Vive head-mounted display (HMD) since its reveal in March 2015, pledging to bring many of its projects to the platform. This week as seen the team reveal a brand new title for the kit, which was developed as part of the Owlchemy Labs-hosted Austin Room-Scale Vive VR Jam that took place this past weekend. That title is Kaiju Rampage.

As the developer explains in the Meetup post for the Jam, Kaiju Rampage casts players as a monster that towers above a city. SteamVR’s Lighthouse laser-based tracking system is used to allow players to essentially walk on top of this city themselves, using the position-tracked controllers provided for the HTC Vive to swing hands about and cause further destruction. Little else is known about the title is known right now, including if Ghost Machine plans to developer it any further, although two brief videos of it in action can be seen below.

Valve and HTC are currently preparing to ship out developer edition kits of the Vive to certain studios that have signed up to receive one. The companies will be distributing these kits for free throughout the summer leading up to a consumer launch of the device in time for holiday 2015. A recent leak suggested that Valve will have the support of a number of developers and titles in the run up to launch, including Alien: Isolation from Creative Assembly and Owlchemy Labs’ own Vive title, Job Simulator.

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